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t was a weekend without league play this week due to the President’s Day weekend. There was still good hockey to go around though.

Even though Ronnie’s Ice was at 8am on Saturday, I went and was pleased that there wasn’t too much of a crowd–at scrimmage time there were three lines so it was just about perfect. The drills, as always were good and I didn’t fairly well at the drills this week. The scrimmage was a lot of fun. Laurie, Allison and I played with a new guy, who turned out to be a friend of Roman and David’s. The new guy I’m already scouting for an Ordinals slot for the spring/summer season. After the scrimmage, it was great to hear from Tommy that he can tell I’m making some good progress, integrating what I’m getting in the drills, and from his coaching while I’m defending his goal, into my game. I can definitely tell I’m starting to make some better choices while on D, which carries into league games too. I think it’s going to be a great spring at Ronnie’s!

Meanwhile, Sunday night there was an NYCGHA scrimmage, which was fun as they ever are. I played D for half the game and then changed up to forward to let someone else play back. I made a dream goal off of Peter. He was way out of the net and I got the puck off of his stick before he could pass it up… and I dumped it right back into his net. I’ve never pulled that off in an actual game against him, but it was nice to prove to myself that it could be done. I almost did it a second time, but Mark saw what was about to happen and reacted quickly to keep me from making the shot.

Unfortunately, I got hurt at the end of the scrimmage. Not sure how I ended up falling, but I did and messed up my lower back in the process. As I got up this morning it is not in good shape. Luckily I’m off for a couple weeks now since I’m headed to see my mom this weekend. Hopefully that will give it the time it needs to heal.