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The Ordinals fought hard last night against the Sled Dogs, but ended up loosing while we were trying to get the game tied up and into overtime. We pulled John out of the goal with about a minute to go, but despite our best efforts couldn’t land a goal… and unfortunately they got the puck away from us and into our empty net. The result was a 6-4 loss. We still have the issue of slipping into an undisciplined game, and it does cost us. The few times we slipped last night (especially not properly covering the Sled Dogs to most dangerous players), cost us.

I did have a great time in the game. I played center for the first time in a long time, and that was a lot of fun. Given how many Ordinals defenders we’ve got these days, I might be able to take that up more often. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens since usually only move off of D based on the makeup of the forward lines.

Ronnie’s in the morning wasn’t so good. I’m not sure if I was safeguarding my back since it was my first time back on the ice since I hurt it, but I was not playing well at all. I’m glad my game play was better. Something was just not clicking in the morning…

The Tigers did not do well last night here. There were only eight of them (ouch… wish I’d known they were that short, I would changed my mind about playing the late game). They lost to the Sled Dogs 5-1 (that’s an unofficial score, the person I heard it from wasn’t 100% sure that’s how it ended).

Next week I’ll do both games. The Ordinals will faceoff against the undefeated Flyers. It’ll be a tough game, but fun to play against Mike and Colin anyway. Not sure who the Tigers are playing, but I know I’ll be hitting that game too.