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Haven’t seen last night’s Heroes yet? If not, don’t read any further because I have to talk about how awesome last night’s episode was! It was a perfect mid-season cliffhanger. Just look at how much we got to see last night:

  • We finally saw Linderman… and doesn’t he seem to know about everything!
  • We saw the new hero’s power to shapeshift (and that she’s just mean… it wasn’t nice to taunt Issac, poor guy).
  • Just when you thought that Suresh might have caught a clue and was going to take care of Sylar (or at least incapacitate him for a while), he didn’t pay enough attention and got himself in big trouble.
  • HRG’s wife: Was that always the shapeshifter in the room with him or did he talk to his real wife before his mind was wiped? My guess is that it was always the real wife initally (I think the ringtone of the phone gave it away that it was the shapeshifter when he got caught).
  • It was awesome to see that Ando hadn’t followed Hiro’s instructions to go home.
  • Clarie’s grandma knows a lot too!
  • And of course, the closing scene with Peter being attacked by Sylar was the perfect place to leave the story while the series goes on break. It was nice to see that whatever happens, Peter no longer has to deal with the bad hair! And I’m sure Peter will unleash some aspect of his powers to get away from Sylar (and maybe even give Sylar a taste of his own medicine).

Too bad Lost could never seem to pack this much information into a single show. If they did, maybe I’d still be watching.

Anyway, already looking forward to April 23! There should be five episodes left since Heroes is suppose to have 23 episodes this season.