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The area around our apartment has been location central these past couple of weeks.

Last week, several blocks of lower Manhattan, right around the subway station we use as well as by our gym, was headquarters for shooting that was going on somewhere (we think in Battery Park, but we’re not 100% sure) for The Bourne Ultimatum. The new Bourne movie, with Matt Damon, is due out August 3, 2007. We’re looking forward to seeing what part (or parts) of our neighborhood they were using since their production trucks were spread across so many blocks. Sadly we did not have any Matt Damon sightings.

Yesterday, we were invaded, right on our own street, but the 30 Rock production crew. The NBC sitcom was doing some location shooting along the Hudson River. And they were there all day… set up began before we headed to the gym at 5:20 in the morning, and they were still working when I got home around 7:20 last night. I might actually have to watch this show’s final episodes of the season just to see what they filmed there.