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This letter was in the snail mail today: “We are writing to let you know about a special annual sale of pianos that have been used for rehearsals and performances at Lincoln Center Theater during the past year… This letter will enable you, a friend or family members to purchase one of the pianos at a fraction of its retail value before they are offered to the general public.”

Pretty cool, huh?

I’m a big supporter of Lincoln Center Theater. Two of my most favorite shows ever are from there: Contact and The Light in the Piazza. But it seems odd to offer me, someone who hasn’t made a cash donation to the organization, the advance opportunity to buy a piano (including baby grands, concert grands, professional uprights, studios, decorator vertical pianos and Disklaviers).

I’m certainly honored, but I think it’s weird… so I just had to share the letter. (And if you want the chance to buy a piano from March 29 to March 31, just let me know… I’ve got a letter than can get you into the sale.)