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You are probably asking yourself, A good gay hustler movie, how is this possible? Everyone knows that movies about gay hustlers suck. For some reason, filmmakers think that films about the hustling life are edgy and sexy. The fact is that they’re seldom edgy, never sexy and almost always too pretentiously “artsy” to bear. Well, Jeff and I went to see Boy Culture this weekend and we loved it. The main character is a hustler named X. The likely reason Boy Culture doesn’t suck is that the story is less about turning tricks and more about the tangled romantic relationship he shares with his two roommates. X is the kind of prostitute that you only find in Hollywood movies, like Liz Taylor in Butterfield 8 or Jane Fonda in Klute. He’s very good-looking, wears great clothes, has a select group of well paying “clients”, and has a fabulous apartment. Actually, that doesn’t sound half bad does it? Where can I sign up for a gig like that?