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I admit I’m a total geek when it comes to bad movies (just check out for proof) so you can imagine that I nearly peed my pants when I heard about Warners new Cult Camp Classic collections. Volume 1 features the “Sci-fi Thrillers” Attack of the 50ft. Woman, Giant Behemoth and Queen of Outer Space. Volume 2 features the “Women in Peril” classics The Big Cube, Caged and Trog. “Terrorized Travelers” are the focus of volume 3 with Hot Rods to Hell, Skyjacked and Zero Hour. Volume 4 features the “Historical Epics” The Colossus of Rhodes, The Land of the Pharaohs, and The Prodigal.

I’m a huge fan of Attack of the 50ft. Woman, Hot Rods to Hell and Trog. These will all be making their debut on DVD when the collections are released June 26th. I can’t wait to see the ZaZa Gabor classic Queen of Outer Space or the Lana Turner LSD freak-out in The Big Cube!