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Ok, freaky story from work today…

I was talking to the editor of Princeton Review’s books and he mentioned that he had a new woman working in his department who had graduated from Alabama, and had also worked for some magazine for truckers. He thought for a moment, looking for the name, and so I offered, Overdrive. “Yes! That’s it,” he said.

Who’d have guessed someone else from Randall Publishing would end up at TPR in NYC? So, of course, I went to meet this person. Turns out she worked there for five years (the same length of time I did), she started as an intern while she was still in college (again, like I did) and stayed on after school because they offered her a full-time job (and, once again, exactly what happened with me). The only major difference here is that I worked primarily for Randall’s construction magazine, Equipment World, and only occasionally did stuff for Overdrive. And, of course, we know a lot of the same people because lots of the senior staff that was at RPC when I was, was still there during her tenure.

Anyone for a chorus of “It’s A Small World”?