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Such a mixed show tonight. I either loved the dances or hated them. For me there was very little middle ground this week. In fact, there wasn’t a good dance to be seen until nearly 8:30. Here’s my ranking of tonight’s proceedings:

  • Joey aced the show once again. His tribute to Star Wars could have been tacky and trashy, but it was spot on. The dance was bookended nicely with the lightsaber work, but it when it came time to tango, Kym and Joey were serious and passionate.
  • Heather surprised again. The new “bouncy” leg did the trick and she delivered one of the best jives of the night. I love how Jonathan keeps working with her to push the limits of the choreography.
  • Apolo and Julianne were great as John and Uma in Pulp Fiction and weighed in with the second best jive of the night.
  • Ian needed that training with the male strippers. His hip action was great and he deserved to be at the top of the leader board tonight for that jive
  • Laila… poor Laila. Didn’t she watch last season as Mario Lopez got ripped apart for not following the rules!?! Why did Maks let that happen? The dance was very entertaining and she looked great, but it did break the basic rules of hold.
  • Billy Ray was counting for all he was worth, and he delivered a pretty decent tango. He went for it, worked hard on it and I was quite entertained. There’s a dancer in there somewhere. I hope he keeps working hard.
  • Clyde looked like a rag doll dancing his jive. I agree with Carrie Anne, he just needs to let himself go and really use his body. As it was, I was just plain bored with his dance.
  • John lost me this week. I mentioned in last week’s recap that he had the performance down. Tonight he could have whiped up such drama in the tango, but he just didn’t bring it.
  • Shandi had better choreography this week, but just didn’t seem to be working it hard enough. The judges were right, she was flailing around a little too much.
  • Leeza, while delivering a technically good tango, was just plain dull. I can’t believe she got such high scores since there was no entertainment value there. To put her on par with Joey and above Apolo is appalling. All that dullness lands her at the bottom of my list.

As for who is leaving… I think the bottom two will be Leeza and Shandi. Leeza may have high judges scores, but a lower fan base and Shandi didn’t do anything to earn getting out of the bottom two. At the end of the night, I predict Shandi goes home.

Post Results Show Update: After getting the bottom two right, I moved right on to predicting that Shandi and Brian were going home. Overall a great results show. The Paso Doble with “Eye of the Tiger” was awesome! Josh Groban was great too. Ciara was less than stellar, didn’t even use the professional dancers in her number, so what was the point! Next week it’s the Paso and the Waltz