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I don’t think you can call yourself a true New Yorker, or a serious theatre goer, until you have been to an off-off Broadway “Equity Showcase”. Jeff and I have seen these types of shows in the past and the general rule is not to expect too much. Today we went to see Matthew Passion, a show that is billed as “a play with music”. It’s really a series of thematically linked vignettes about Matthew Shepard’s death, an HIV+ actor outliving his life expectancy and a recreation of the passion play. From the above description you might guess that the show was just another crappy “gay play” or a tediously dull piece of “serious” theatre. Well, it was neither. The show is far from perfect, but its flaws were generally minor. It was interesting, it had a point of view and it was genuinely moving. Jeff and I really enjoyed ourselves. Plus, the all-male cast wasn’t exactly hard on the eyes (see pics above).