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With the holiday weekend, there was only time for a scrimmage last night. It was a great time. Marc always gets a fun group together for his scrimmage and this was no exception. I got to play D last night with Johannes, which was great. He and I haven’t played together since the Outgames and we haven’t played D together since maybe a year before that. It felt good having him as my D partner again. And I was on the same team as Mike, which also doesn’t happen often. So, all-in-all, a great night of hockey. I played pretty well too. It could’ve been better (certainly there was one terrifically bad pass that I made… to the point that you’d have to ask exactly who I might have been intending it for), but I was happy overall with my performance.

Playoffs: Next week the D7 playoffs get underway. The Ordinals go up against the Flyers. As I’ve written recently, it’s going to take a Disney-sized miracle to pull this off… or it will just take us playing the kind of game that gets us wins. That means we play position, play a passing game, play smart and keep the energy up. It means playing a game like we played against the Turkeys two weeks ago, but taking that up a notch. I believe in my heart we can do it. The last time we were in the playoffs we had to go against the Imperials and we took that game to overtime and lost, but we made it to OT. We can rise to the occasion. By this time next week I’ll be writing about how we did with that.

Spring Season: Well, the playoffs haven’t even started and I’m already cranking on the roster for fall. I thought I had it done because it looked like I was bringing on a block of players, but that deal fell apart this afternoon. So I’m back to square one now, trying to fill four slots on the roster and get a jersey order together within the next couple weeks. Hopefully I’m going to pick up some solid players so we roll into spring without stepping backwards in our performance.