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So what did two gay men choose to do on Easter Sunday? Glad you asked. Jeff and I spent three blood-soaked hours experiencing Grindhouse at our local theatre. We loved it! Granted, this movie isn’t for everyone. If you didn’t like Kill Bill, then don’t bother. If you didn’t already know what grindhouse meant before going to the theatre, then don’t bother either, because you ain’t gonna get it. Both segments of the double feature (the Italian zombie homage Planet Terror and the car chase/girl vengeance flick Death Proof) are fantastic, but what is sure to make any bad movie fan giggle with joy are the phony exploitation trailers shown between the two features. First, there’s Machete, a Mexican immigrant vengeance/rampage movie starring Robert Rodriguez regular Danny Trejo. Next is the gory holiday themed slasher flick from Eli Roth, Thanksgiving. Edgar Wright, the guy behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, gives us the inspired homage to Euro haunted house movies, Don’t. Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite, the Rob Zombie trailer for the werewolf/nazisploitation hybrid, Werewolf Women of the SS. Not only does Werewolf Women star Zombie regulars Sheri Moon Zombie and Bill Moseley, but also features Udo Kier, Sybil Danning and Nicholas Cage as Fu Manchu! God, I wanna see this movie!!!