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The Ordinals gave it their best shot against the Flyers last night in round one of the Division 7 playoffs. We lost 9-3, which is better than when we went against the Flyers a month ago and lost 12-2. We held our own quite nicely through the second period when the score was 4-3. The Flyers were always in the lead. Treating the second period as its own game, however, we did win that and that’s a great accomplishment. The Flyers broke out quickly in the third though with moving the score to 5-3 and after that they just kept the pressure up and we just couldn’t recover from it. If we’d been able to tie with 4-4 early in the third it might have turned out different, or at least be a closer score. But I am quite proud of the way we played as it was solid Ordinals hockey and I hope the team feels good about how we wrapped things up.

Now I’m getting ready for spring. I’ve recruited a few people already and have emails out to some others, so I hope to have the roster set by the end of the week. I’m also working on getting a practice together so everyone can be on the ice as a team before the season actually starts.

In the meantime, there are three or four Saturdays to go before the season starts and I’ll be doing at least Ronnie’s Ice and probably a Nathanson scrimmage or two as well. Plus, Bluestreak starts May 7. So lots of hockey to go, even in the off-season.