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In terms of the nor’easters we’ve experienced in the eight years we’ve lived here, this one is quite odd. The wind yesterday wasn’t impressive at all, it didn’t seem to pick up until early this morning when I was woke up by the windows rattling. The rain didn’t seem very impressive either, until I caught on the news this morning that it had rained 7.57 inches yesterday in Central Park (where the official rain gauge is). I guess it was deceptive because it simply rained all day, rarely seeming to pour, but yet just going at a steady pace. This is the second most rain that has fallen in a day (the top rainfall in a day was 8.28 inches on Spetember 23, 1882).

So far, at least in the city, things don’t seem too out of control in terms of flooding, although high tide comes in at The Battery around 7:20. A couple of subway lines have some disruption, but that’s pretty normal.. and given the amount of rain that’s fallen surprising there isn’t more disruption. It’s far worse in Jersey and Long Island where there has been a lot of significant flooding.

Sounds like we’re going to get rain well into the afternoon today and then it starts to let up, but we don’t truly start drying out until sometime tomorrow.

Rain, rain go away, come again another day…