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Okay, I admit, it is possible to geek out over things you’re probably not supposed to. I freely admit that I am not in the target demographic for High School Musical. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t find it to be one of the coolest things ever.

Initially I wasn’t too jazzed by it and didn’t watch it, because it sounded kinda lame. But I kept reading about how it had become Disney’s highest rated movie ever and that the soundtrack was flying off the digital shelves on iTunes. Will and I tuned into one of the re-runs though and I got hooked. I mean, I am predisposed to like it because it is, after all, a musical. But I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I bought into the typical Disney inspirational plot, peppy songs and groovy dancing. I quickly became one of the millions with the soundtrack in my iPod.

So why am I geeking out over this today? Tonight on Disney is High School Musical: The Concert! The entire original cast (except Zac Efron who was busy shooting Hairspray) toured the country earlier this year and, of course, Disney taped it for the home audience. Yay! This reminds me of 1982 when the Kids from Fame toured Europe and NBC aired the concert as way to promote the ailing Fame TV series (I had the LP from that show too, and those songs live on today in my iPod—yes my iPod can be a scary place).

HSM is now an ice show too! Disney does love to create ice shows and this one goes out on the road this fall. Sadly, Will has put his foot down and said that we don’t get to go see it at Madison Square Garden. Apparently some geek-out moments should only happen in the privacy of your own home and not be a shared experience with an arena full of teenagers and their parents. So my fingers are crossed that Disney records this too so I can see it someday. It’s okay, I guess, that I don’t get to see the ice show since High School Musical 2 debuts on Disney in August.

So, share with me an HSM geek out moment right now. And as you watch this, just imagine the routine on ice skates!