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Last night’s session focused heavily on plyometrics, which we will apparently do in our middle day for the entire run of the program. I got a sample of the plyometrics in the evaluation session when I had to jump back and forth over the foam box. Last night though, there was a lot more. We spent a lot of time on the grid, going back and forth between numbers–jump between 1 and 4 then 1 and 3 then 4 to 1 to 3. We did these various combinations on two legs and then one leg. We did more of the box jumping (including having to get over two boxes). Plus we also did jumping up onto a stair, starting out with a small stair and moving to a larger one. It was fun, but difficult at the same time. We wrapped this part up with a exercise that had me standing on two foam discs having to keep my balance while catching a five-pound medicine ball and then having to throw in back. This was extremely difficult, but I hope we do this a lot more because it will help my balance a lot.

We also did some agility work last night, which was mostly around moving our feet in and around certain obstacles. It got easier as we kept going, but it is this stuff that I definitely feel a lack of coordination. And, since we were already working our legs hard we did some lower-body weight training too. We wrapped up the night on the synthetic ice for some more shooting drills, we even got to stay about 15 minutes late to keep on shooting.

This morning I’m feeling pretty good body wise, maybe I’m just getting use to the soreness or maybe I loosened up last night a good bit. We’ll see how I feel by the time I have to go do this again tonight.