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The Ordinals began their sixth season last night with a 5-2 win over Hockey Hegemony. It was the debut for three of the team’s four new players (John, Evan and Michael) and they were solid… complete with John picking up a goal in his first game.

The game proved that last week’s scrimmage win wasn’t a fluke. We had much the same passing and positional game that we exhibited against the Sled Dogs. The lines constructed for this week also turned out to be balanced and worked well together. So with all this I am optimistic for a good season.

Our new configuration gets its big test next week as we go up against the Flyers. I watched them play last night and they completely destroyed the Knights 15-2. I don’t see how the team was changed between seasons to become more of a D7 team because what I witnessed last night was not D7 hockey at all, but more like D5 or higher.

Meanwhile, I overcame my lapse of confidence from my week at Bluestreak. Besides the game last night, I also skated at Ronnie’s and things weren’t as bad as they seemed on Thursday. First off, after skating on the treadmill and synth ice, skating on real ice seems a lot easier. The longer stick is a good addition to the game. I do feel like it gives me a stronger shot and pass and it makes disrupting plays easier since it extends my reach. Yesterday’s ice time felt good and I can actually see the beginnings of some improvements. I think my mindset needs to be to get everything I can out of Bluestreak during the week, don’t let myself feel down at all about it and see what improvements manifest during the Saturday games.