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What a semi-final! When the dust cleared at 9:30 last night the scoreboard had a three point spread with Laila and Joey at 60, Apolo at 59 and Ian at 58. I don’t agree with how things sorted out, except for last place. Here’s my sorting for this week:

  • Apolo was robbed! The quick step was splendid… so full of energy and very deserving of the 30 out of 30 that it got. The chacha was HOT! It was energetic and wicked sexy. Boo on Len for not giving it the 10 it deserved and robbing Apolo of the perfect score he deserved.
  • Joey was fantastic, it ranked in just behind Apolo for me. His foxtrot was fun and I loved the ending with the in-the-air move he and Kym did. The jive was great, so full of energy and fun. It’s everything that Ian’s should be and wasn’t.
  • Laila was not all there for me. The quick step had good choreography, but there was something odd about it. I’m not sure if the costume was flowing oddly around her or if the fact she wasn’t in high heels threw me off, but something was amiss. The chacha though was a delight and I was glad to see she racked up a perfect score for it.
  • Ian, while he had his best dance yet for me, also really failed in the same show. The tango was great. It was everything I wish he’d been doing all season. It had passion and feeling and you could see he was having a good time with it. His jive though failed to impress me and I just don’t see what the judges saw in it.

As for who is leaving… I’m officially picking Ian to go. Although I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joey go because he surprisingly ended up in the bottom two last week instead of Ian. I just hope it isn’t Apolo that ends up out. Between training last night and being in at a conference all day, I neglected to lodge my votes for Apolo so if it’s him that goes I am going to feel very guilty for not getting my four votes to him.

Post Results Show Update: Wow, you could tell they were working hard to fill the hour tonight. Nice to see that America made the right choice sending Ian home. Next week should be stunning with Apolo (yay, my choice has made it through), Laila and Joey going for the sparkly mirror ball!