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I made it through session five last night feeling pretty good. Last night we went through warm ups, treadmill, skills, and upper body strength training. We were running a different pattern last night because it was Bluestreak’s grand opening party and with that they wanted people on the treadmill (that means tonight we will do the plyo workout that we’re supposed to do on the middle day). Treadmill was good last night, making progress getting my stride longer and in better form. I have to say that better form feels slightly weird, almost like I’m driving too far forward… but I’m game to keep going for that. Skills was more about the wrist shot. This drives me a little crazy, for all the progress on Monday, this is still an uphill climb trying to coordinate my wrists to roll correctly, the weight to transfer off of my back foot, hold the stick in the right place and follow through right. I do it right more and more often, but there are still unfortunate regressions too.