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Bluestreak is one-third complete as of last night’s session. It was another good session too with the primary focus on plyometrics and skills zone. We also did things in a different order, doing weights first and then going to the other stations. Continued working on the wrist shot in the skills zone and added the element of trying to move my left elbow out, further from my body as I do the follow through. This felt a little unnatural at first, but got better as the session went on. Next up was a bout a half-hour of plyometrics. I think I like doing the plyometrics. I was certainly better at it this week than last, and hopping around like a bunny is not a bad way to pass the time. It seems to be a really good workout too because I just get drenched in sweat. I did tweak my left foot a bit during the exercises last night, but it seems better this morning (and I suppose the big test will be how it feel back in skates tomorrow morning).