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Like many Gilmore Girls fans, I’ve found the last couple of years to be difficult. After loving seasons 1-4, I found season 5 to be less than stellar, big chunks of season 6 to be painful and I abandoned the show all together after this season’s debut. It seemed as though the script writers were trying too hard after the show’s creators left the day-to-day show running. However, when I heard the show was having its season finale this week, I set the DVR to record it so I could see how things turned out. I have to say my final visit to the Gilmores was satisfying, with some pretty snappy writing and a nice look at what the future held for Rory, Lorelai, Luke, Richard & Emily and the rest of the gang. I’m glad the series ended better than the typical episode was over the past couple years… and that I came back one last time.

Meanwhile, Thursday TV was a dangerous place to be as the season finales of Ugly Betty, CSI and Smallville showed.

  • I don’t think I’ve seen as many characters in peril, dead or in a bad situation from one hour of television since Dynasty staged the big massacre at the Moldavia wedding in 1985. Daniel and Alexis in a car accident (while Daniel is possibly OD’ing on drugs), Santos was gunned down, Betty lost Henry again, Ignacio was still stuck in Mexico, Christina & Amanda were stuck in the love dungeon and found out that Amanda was Faye’s daughter. The biggest shocker was that Santos was killed just as he was rediscovering his family with Hilda and Justin. Betty is my favorite show from last season, consistently good through 23 episodes. I’m already looking forward to fall to see what they dish out.
  • We moved from Betty into CSI where the miniature killer was finally caught. This has been an exceptional through line all season and it was the centerpiece of the season finale cliffhanger as the killer trapped CSI Sara under a car. She’s not dead, but definitely in major need of an immediate rescue. It was a great scene too where Grissom let the other CSIs know the case had become personal since he and Sara are together.
  • We wrapped up Thursday by with Smallville. We’ve been very into the show this year after not watching in previous seasons. We started watching because of the hunky Green Arrow introduction, but stayed even after he was fighting crime in other parts of the world because the plot was interesting. This show was almost as dangerous as Betty in terms of the number of characters in trouble. Lana might be dead (though I don’t think so…she’s plotting something), Lex was arrested for her murder, Lionel might also be dead, Chloe revealed her meteor power and healed dead Lois but now Chloe doesn’t look so good, and Clark received a good beating from the newly minted Bizzaro. Another wild ride all in the course of an hour.

After Heroes on Monday and the crowning of the champion on Tuesday’s Dancing with the Stars, the TV season wraps up and the DVR will become a much calmer place.