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The Ordinals took on the powerhouse Flyers and continued to decrease our goal deficit against them. In previous outings we’d had 9 and 6 goal deficits and last night we held it to 4. The major goal I wanted from the game was to lower the deficit, and I’m glad we did that. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any goals against them as Flyers goalie Mitch had an excellent game. Even scoreless though, we played very well and I continue to like the new configuration of the team. We looked pretty good out there and were often moving the puck well.

A couple things I noticed last night that we need to correct: we still bunch up too much, which really takes away opportunities. We also don’t tend to make our decisions very fast. It’s quite obvious against a team like the Flyers who are making split second decisions. With most teams in the division, it’s possible to take a bit of time, but if we could reduce the time it takes to make our decisions, we’d play a higher level game. It’s something to work on. We had Roman and Michael in the stands last night, so I’m going to ask them their opinions as well on what they saw from the spectator standpoint.

There’s no games next week because of the Memorial Day holiday. I may not be on the ice at all since we’ve got Will’s family in town next week. That will be odd, but a week of rest might also be a good thing.