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I’ve been behind on the blogging this week simply because there is so much going on in my life. But Bluestreak this week was good. We were off on Monday for the holiday, so we started the week on Wednesday with plyometrics. The routines keep getting harder, but I’m still enjoying the bouncing. I’ve got trouble with my left foot when we’re hopping on only one foot and I think it’s probably the extremely old shoes I’m wearing. So, this weekend I will find new workout shoes for the first time in a couple years (I know, embarrassing, I should be replacing the shoes more often than that).

Tonight’s treadmill was also good. I’m finally getting the idea of driving my arms straight out forward for momentum and also getting my feet more under me and more in front of me than I have been. It was probably my best treadmill session so far.

The skill zone was excellent tonight. My shooting has been on the gradual improvement for the past few sessions. Tonight I actually won the shooting competition. I got four of five in the first round; three of five in the second and only had to shoot one of three in the last round to take the victory from my my opponent. The shots I was scoring with were consistently in the air as well, which was awesome to see since I can’t usually be that successive getting pucks in the air. I’m curious to see how this will translate back on the ice this weekend at Ronnie’s and in the Ordinals game.

I’ve been wearing a heart monitor this week too so I can see how fast I get while doing this stuff. I hit 152 Wednesday night in the plyometrics and 164 tonight on the treadmill. I hit around 115 while I’m shooting the pucks as well and around 110 on the core work. I’m going to wear it this weekend too so I can see where it’s at during a game, just for curiosity sake.

I’ve past the half way mark with Bluestreak too on Wednesday, so hopefully I’ll keep building on all this. It will be great if all of this comes together in the Chelsea Challenge.