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Okay… cheesy headline, but what the heck.

It implies the game was worse than it was though. We lost to the Blizzard last night 2-1. It was everything a D7 game should be with a lot of very equal playing. The Ordinals played a solid game last night with good passing and good positional play. We only suffered a bit of an energy/focus slump towards the end of the second period (I know I had a couple of shifts I just couldn’t seem to do the right thing), and that may have been what cost us the game… just those few minutes.

I picked up the assist in game’s lone goal for us. It was a nice one too. I was pinned against the boards in the corner and I pushed myself and the pinner away from the boards. I ended up falling since he was grappling for the puck in front of me, but I got my stick on the puck and got it knocked back to Mike who put it on net.

John came out of the net last night too and played forward. That was a lot of fun and he made some good moves too. Fought, and won, some battles in the corners and had some shots on goal too.

So how is Bluestreak affecting my game? The skating definitely feels better, like I’m getting more power out of it. I felt that way a lot during Ronnie’s yesterday morning because in the scrimmage I was able to keep up with some of the younger, stronger players a little bit better. The shot has it’s moments too. There were some points in the game last night were the passing was messed up for some reason, but I made a couple decent shots too. The shots at Ronnie’s seemed better at times too. I was having some trouble during the drills because my skates were sharpened after Thursday’s Bluestreak session and so I was dealing with being back on real ice and freshly sharpened skates. It got better, but in the scrimmage I didn’t get a shot opportunity because I was on D and had a hard time leaving my position. It will all keep coming together though. Eight more sessions to go!