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I was particularly pleased with my treadmill performance last night. I got up to a 22 degree grade and a 6.5 speed during the incline portion of the training and I capped the treadmill session with a 9.0 speed on a pretty flat incline of 5 degrees. These represent my highest incline and my fastest speed and it was all accomplished without holding on to the bar. According to the coaches my form was improved too.

Shooting was better too. We did a drill that had us receiving passes from two different areas of the ice. Midway through shooting the 40 pucks, I was suddenly able to get the puck up off the ice while turning the stick over. I’m not sure what clicked to make that happen, I just know that now I can do it so I’m going to have to try and figure out how to make that happen consistently. We also learned the snap shot, which was pretty cool. I’m not sure I totally got it, but it’s something new to work on during the next few sessions.