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A couple weeks ago Ebert & Roper reviewed a small film called Once, a musical love story, set in Ireland, about a street musician and an immigrant who spend a week recording music together. E&R gave it two thumbs up and within a week I also saw that it was an Entertainment Weekly Pick and that it won the Audience Award this year at Sundance.

I finally found the soundtrack on iTunes yesterday (side note: iTunes makes it crazy difficult to find new releases sometimes… but that’s another blog entry completely) and sampled it, and then immediately bought it. The acoustic tunes are amazing and heartfelt. You can sample the music at Amazon and hear for yourself how brilliant it is.

I’ve yet to see the movie. For it’s first couple weeks it was only playing at a single theatre in Manhattan (one that I don’t find it very easy to get to). It’s finally expanded wider, so hopefully Will and I will find the time soon to get there. You can check out the trailer below…