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It was Wednesday, so of course there were plyometrics last night. It was another fun night with those, albeit exhausting. It was harder to do them this week because they were last in my group’s circuit last night so my legs were already tired because the strength work we did was a mix of upper and lower body. I still had a great time with it though. The hard part was jumping over three blocks instead of two. I struggled a bit, but never knocked the blocks down… it was more an issue of keeping a good rhythm while jumping.

Shooting was a bit more difficult last night. I find I might be over thinking it a lot. We did a skating/shooting drill last night and when I let go to just get into the drill the puck seemed to be moving better than stationary drills when I can really think about the mechanics more than I should. I definitely am not moving my hands in totally the right way yet though. Shane explained things a bit more in-depth and even when the shot is looking right, my wrists aren’t doing exactly the right thing… so I’ve got to work on that.