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The wrist shot keeps adding layers, still. Last night I was very focused on snapping my wrist and lifting my stick, and thus the puck, at the right moment. It’s not all clicking yet, but I do think I get what I’m supposed to be doing. By the time we got to the shootout competition, I had it together enough to win that again this week by a one puck… but I did land 8 or 9 of 15 successfully again and the coach said the shots were stronger ones. So that is good.

It was another good night on the treadmill too. It’s really sinking in the idea of getting my legs back to center, under me, as I take my strides… and of the importance of really moving my arms to get momentum as well. Like Monday, I was again in the 20% grades and moving at speeds in the 7s and 8s. It was hard on my legs after all the plyo and lower body work of Wednesday, but I pushed my way through it. As always, looking forward to seeing what I can bring into Saturday’s games