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Two weeks in a row I can use a bad weather analogy to describe our game, and like last week it actually wasn’t all that bad either. The Ordinals lost to the Tsunami 3-2 in an overtime shootout. The Tsunami have picked up some good new players and it was a great, competitive game like the one last week against the Blizzard.

Our passing game continues to be good. The biggest problem this week was that we were as aggressive as we needed to be. The Tsunami kept piling on the energy and the physical play, and we weren’t stepping up as much as we should’ve been. It was a little weird because it wasn’t like our usual energy slumps, is more like we were more interested in watching the game rather that be fully involved in it.

I had some of the same problem, especially in the first period. I had a hard time staying with the idea that I was trying to play center instead of wing. Not sure what was up with that exactly, but at least I pulled it together and started playing right.

I scored too, a genuine Bluestreak-learned shot at that. I was in the high slot, Bill passed to me from the boards and I drew it in and made a snap shot that sped off to the net and went right in next to the post. It was great to see that finally happen in a game instead of just in a controlled atmosphere. The skating seems to be better too. I thought that at both Ronnie’s and during the game, although overall I was having some trouble breathing because my asthma was acting up (it’s been worse than usual this week, I think because of the added humidity, plus allergies).

Next week is the Chelsea Challenge. I am captaining the Purple Panthers for this year’s tourney and am getting to play with several friends this year, which will be a great time. All three of my games are played Saturday, so it will be that plus an Ordinals game making for a full day of hockey.