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A couple weeks ago I mentioned how there were so many conflicting priorities going around, and this week is no different, but at least it should be a fun week with this stuff going on:

  • There is lots of hockey this week. I’ve got two days of Bluestreak training ahead, and only five sessions left overall so that will soon end and I’ll get to reclaim my weeknights. Plus, it’s Chelsea Challenge weekend so I’ll be working/playing at the tourney from Friday afternoon through Sunday at around noon. I’m captaining the Purple Panthers in the developmental division and will play three tourney games on Saturday (plus one regularly scheduled Ordinals game). Hopefully I’ll be playing in the division finals on Sunday morning too.
  • I’m finishing up my submission for Touched, a queer-themed fantasy anthology of spells and magic. Will is making the final read on it today and I’ll do a final polish tomorrow morning so I can get it into the mail to make the Friday deadline. This story has been fun to do, especially since I’ve been getting feedback from a couple of the guys I played D&D with back in college. Tracy’s input on the spell casting and overall genre has been hugely helpful and David is, of course, always an excellent source for feedback.
  • Thursday we get to go see Armistead Maupin at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. He’s on tour promoting Michael Tolliver Lives, a sequel to the Tales in the City series that debuts on Tuesday. This is very exciting since we love Tales and Maupin’s other works as well. More on this event will come on Friday…

Sadly, one thing had to take a hit this week. Last year I attended Mayor Bloomberg’s Pride reception and, unfortunately, this year the week is too crazed for me to make it. But, I was thrilled to be invited again!