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I’ve been a little behind blogging this week as work has been crazy busy and the prep for this weekend’s Chelsea Challenge is going full-tilt. It has been a good couple of sessions with Bluestreak though.

The treadmill keeps getting more challenging and I actually did it Monday and Wednesday this week in an effort to make up for the session I missed a couple Thursdays ago. The sets are all over the place in terms of length of sprint, speed of the machine and height of incline. I seem to be doing pretty good. I’m getting better at getting my arms moving in right to really push the momentum. I’m still not as low down as I’d like to be but it seems to be improving, as his the length of my stride. The treadmill has had difficulty this week because my asthma keeps wanting to flare with the combination of the allergies plus the humidity that has crept up this week. I’m trying not to use my inhaler because it will make my heart race, so I’m focusing on getting the breathing under control between sets. So far that’s working good.

Skills zone got a little difficult on Monday for me. I’m still trying to get the wrist snap down right and get the blade turned over on follow through. I at least get the idea, now I just have to get my brain to instruct my wrists correctly. It’s getting there… it shows up sometimes and the shot works right. Hopefully it will get more consistent next week as I wrap up so that I can take the muscle memory from Bluestreak and keep using it through Thursday Night Ice.

I’m off from Bluestreak tomorrow for a date night with Will, so I wrap up with the regular three days next week and then, the week of the 25th, the post test to see how I improved in some areas.