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I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I did survive last night’s Bluestreak. It was a strong treadmill night with a lot of last night’s training focused on longer strides and faster speeds. I was talking to the coach last night, who also works at Sky Rink, and we talked about how much (or in some cases how little) some of this stuff is moving into my game. He did say that when I’m actually skating I am looking better, but in some cases I’m standing around and not moving my feet enough while I’m planted somewhere waiting for things to happen. Good to know… and something to work on. Skills last night was more difficult because my arms were more tired than I expected. I did okay, but it wasn’t as solid as I would’ve liked since there are only three (and now two) sessions left. Strength was much the same with the core being more difficult because my arms weren’t fully there.

I have decided to come back to Bluestreak in the fall. The program will be slightly different, only two days per week instead of the current three. That will help with the scheduling a lot. I like what it’s done for my stamina and it’s proof that my game can still improve.