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Last night, without warning, the wrist shot came together. The missing piece, snapping my wrists just before turning the stick blade over, just dropped into place during warm ups in the skills zone. It wasn’t a random occurrence either because I kept the shot going for most of the warm ups. Sadly, the coach who has worked on this the most with me over the past weeks wasn’t there last night to see it. Luckily Ling was a witness to it, and hopefully it will be something I can repeat tonight and going forward. I don’t think it will show up consistently in a game for a while yet as I had a hard time doing it right while skating last night, but at least I know what the last piece feels like so I can work towards it during Thursday Night Ice.

Last night was also the last plyometrics night for me during this sequence of Bluestreak. It was fun, as always. I hopped over four of the foam blocks last night, the most ever attempted. I did okay… I didn’t knock them over and I made it over four or five times in the five seconds allotted.

Tonight is my last night, which I’m told comes with the hardest treadmill session ever (and I would expect nothing less).