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Bluestreak wrapped up last night and I think I finished up strong. I was able to show coach Keith the wrist shot that materialized on Wednesday. I’m happy I was able to do that for a couple reasons: 1) because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull off the shot again and 2) because he deserved to see it since he’d worked so closely with me to get the shot to work right in the first place. Now I’m going to be practicing the shot through the summer at Thursday Night Ice and whenever I go to Ronnie’s in an effort to be able to use it consistently in a game.

Treadmill also ended good, although it did push the limits of my endurance. But I think I did good keeping the stride consistent and my arms moving correctly. I’m curious to see the two videoed skates to see how I changed from session 4 to session 18. If I ever get those digitally, I’ll post them. After we finished with the official treadmill portion, I hopped back on to see how well I could move the treadmill myself. Earlier in the program I did this and spun it around eight times… last night I got it around 15, so nearly twice as good.

Strength focused on lower body and core for the final night and today my abs hurt with the crazy core stuff we did both Wednesday night and last night.

Next Friday I’ll come back for my post program evaluation to see how I’ve improved (at least I hope it shows improvement) over the course of the program.