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First days of summer, feel like spring: I’ve never been a fan of hot weather, so it’s great that Friday and today (and I’m told tomorrow) will be quite pleasant and only in the mid-/high-70s. We were out and about earlier this morning and it was so nice out with the nice temperature and a breeze. I hear next week we jump into the 90s and summer really settles in for a bit, so I’m glad for these couple of days that are really nice.

5, 6, 7, 8…: We’re off to see A Chorus Line tomorrow. We just picked up tickets to tomorrow’s matinee at tkts. It’s my birthday show for this year and I couldn’t be happier getting to see this. And, of course, I’ll write about it afterwards.

Speaking of tkts: Okay, if you’re in the tkts line, you really have to make your decision before you get to the window. The two people directly in front of me stood at the only open two windows for more 5 minutes discussing with the clerk what they should be seeing, could they get tickets blocked in certain ways, how much did it cost, and on and on. Me and the two couples directly behind me were less-than-happy. Easily you spend 20-30 minutes in line already, which should be more than sufficient to figure out what you want to see (and to have a back-up in mind just in case your show sells out before you get to the window).

How does your garden grow?: We got an AeroGarden about 10 days ago and we’ve already got some herbs in progress. The basil and chives are already growing to the degree the plastic caps of come off and the parsley, mint and cilantro will get to that point next week. The dill is running behind, but the instructions say it takes up to two weeks for it to sprout, so hopefully we’ll at least start to see in next week. It’s going to great to have fresh herbs in about six weeks that we can use anytime.

XY/XX: Kyle XY started up a couple weeks ago and it’s nice to have this show back. We discovered it last summer and so far have enjoyed the couple episodes of season 2. It’s a nice sci-fi/mystery/family show that is perfect for summer. Check it out Mondays on ABC Family or the rerun (in HD) Fridays on ABC. Coming next for summer TV: Doctor Who is back on Sci-Fi starting July 7!