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The Ordinals brought home their first shut out since the Spring 2005 season last night against the Hitmen. The final score: 6-0! The team, once again, played a solid game and was very effective shutting down the rushes the Hitmen tried to make, both forechecking and backchecking looked great last night.

The points last night were well spread too with a number of people picking up points for both goals and assists. I think this is one of the best point spreads we’ve ever had. Looking at the stats for the team, of the 21 players who have played so far this season, all but six have points. And, even better, 10 players have two or more points. That’s great for just six games in.

I was back and forth between wing and center last night. We started the game missing a couple people and then shortly after we added one, we lost another due to injury (had his finger skated on, ouch!). I spent most of the night at center I think and felt pretty good there. The skating seemed in good order and I made a couple decent shots too. No goals, but I was pleased with how the shots felt.

Speaking of playing short, another great thing the team did last night was keep up its energy. We played the majority of the game with 10 players and the injury stayed consistently high. If there was an energy drop off at all last night, I missed it.