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Score one for mustard, as the mustard-wearing Angry Hornets defeated the ketchup-wearing Ordinals yesterday afternoon. Yes, that’s some of the silliness that was on our bench for the matinee match up. During the first period break our new alternate, Mike M, declared the game to be the battle of ketchup vs. mustard. Which prompted Marc to say we needed to “catch up” during the second period since we were down 1-0. And then between the second and third period, Steve said we had the time left to “muster” a victory.

Silliness aside, it was a pretty strong game for us. Yes, we lost, but it was a loss to the #1 team in the division, and also a team who is undefeated. We were close for the whole game and we ended up in a 4-2 loss because we were working hard in the closing minutes to tie the game up and, unfortunately, the Hornets were able to get an empty net goal on us to end it at 4-2. Actually, I suppose the last 45 seconds were pretty silly too (or a comedy of errors might be more accurate)… we were trying to get that tie-up goal and pulled Peter out of the net and the Hornets got the puck back down in our end and both of our defensemen managed to wiff getting the puck out of the our defensive zone and the Hornets took advantage of it.

A couple of good things about last night. 1) It was a good, solid D7 game. The Hornets don’t have ringers and we were well matched with them. At no point were we against a team that overwhelmed us, it was an even game that simply went there way instead of ours. 2) We continued to display a good passing game and good teamwork, which means we should continue to just get better as the season goes on.

From a personal standpoint last night, the game was mixed. I felt like I was skating well and generally being effective. But I did have the opportunity to score and simply got myself twisted up somehow and couldn’t get the shot off. I got a beautiful centering pass right on my blade, but couldn’t get the puck shot. I have no idea what went wrong… I had ample time to make the shot, but I took too long and I lost the puck to a Hornets defensemen. Very frustrating.

Back on Friday, I took my Bluestreak post test and was quite pleased with my results. The best gains were in my hip extension and hip flex, both legs improved by taking approximately 125 more pounds in the post test than in the pre-test. I also added 4 inches to my high jump and 6 inches to my long jump. I was pleased, and so was the Bluestreak coach who gave me the test. Now I just have to work over the two months I’ll be off from the program to make sure I don’t regress too far.