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The Sled Dogs came out strong against the Ordinals last night and knocked us down a peg or two, defeating us 8-1. This was a big turnaround from the 12-6 beating we gave them in a pre-season game. Yes, they had a couple of their super strong players that we didn’t see in the pre-season… and unfortunately we didn’t have enough of our super strong players to counteract them. Further complicating the situation was the fact we only had 10 players last night, so it was two lines and that zapped our energy too. Our super strong players need to come out in force for the next two weeks since we’re up against BNP and the Knights.

I did get in some unexpected fun last night. As I was coming off the ice after the Ordinals game, the Wizards were coming on for their game against the Blizzard. The Wizards were about to play with 9 players and I got invited to play with them to boost their numbers. The Blizzard captain was fine with that, so I tossed on a Wizards jersey and played defense for them. I had a good time. Unfortunately, the Wizards loosing streak continued… but I was happy that no goals were scored while I was on the ice (there was almost one goal, but it was ruled a “no goal” because the Blizzard player was in the crease). I enjoyed playing a second game on Saturday night… it proved to me how much I miss that. Hopefully I can get back on a D8 team in the fall so I can get that double dose in again.