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After our nasty defeat from the Sled Dogs last week, we rose to the occasion to take on BNP, the #2 team in our division, beating them in an overtime shootout 5-4. Steve made the comment last night that, as a team, we seem to step up to the teams we aren’t suppose to beat and get lazy with the team we should take on easily. That’s definitely the case the past couple weeks, to beat BNP was amazing… plus we’ve put up good games against the Hornets and the Canucks/Flyers. We clearly need to play the underdog role more often.

We opened the game strong, going up 2-0… then we rested on our accomplishments a bit and let BNP rack up some goals. We simply stopped bringing the game to them and let them bring it to us, really giving them the time to make plays. Luckily we turned it around and got it tied up, forcing overtime, which extended to the shoot out. Bob was on fire last night getting a hat trick, which he capped bringing home the shoot out for us.

We’re such a good team when we play with fire, I hope we learn the lesson of this game…that we always need to be in the mindset of underdog so we’re hungry for every puck and every goal.