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BBC America is in the midst of running the 5th (and apparently final) season (or “series” as they say in the UK) of Footballers Wives. Wives has always been on my radar (or gaydar as it were) but I never really made the effort to watch. When I heard that Joan Collins had joined the cast I had to check it out. Boy am I glad I did. Footballers Wives is unapologetically glossy and trashy, but not in a post-modern wink-wink “aren’t we camp?” kind-of way. The outrageous storylines are handled with the utmost sincerity, which makes the show all the more funny and fabulous. Below is a promo that hypes the current season. I ask you, how could I possibly resist an ad that features a riff on the 1965 Doris Wishman classic Bad Girls Go to Hell? The second clip features some delicious moments with Joan Collins out-bitching Queen Bee Tanya Turner.