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CNN and YouTube sponsored a major presidential debate tonight, moderate by Anderson Cooper. Gay Marriage was high on the list of topics YouTube users brought to the table.

With a couple of questions answered on the topic, Congressman Kucinich, Sen. Dodd, Gov. Richardson and Sen. Obama all seem to be for equal protection under the law. Only Kucinich actually called it “marriage” while the others pushed for civil unions. Sen. Edwards seem to hedge more in his response: “I feel enormous personal conflict about this issue. I want to end discrimination. I want to do some of the things that I just heard Bill Richardson talking about — standing up for equal rights, substantive rights, civil unions, the thing that Chris Dodd just talked about. But I think that’s something everybody on this stage will commit themselves to as president of the United States. But I personally have been on a journey on this issue. I feel enormous conflict about it.”

It appears that Sen. Clinton didn’t answer a question on gay marriage.

You can read the transcripts on the gay marriage questions on HRC Backstory. There are two entries about tonight’s debate: Gay marriage question comes early in CNN/YouTube debate – Part I and Part II. You can also read the transcript for the entire debate at

Gay TV network Logo, along with HRC, is co-sponsoring its own presidential debate on August 9. That should be very interesting!