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So happy it’s Saturday. Work is a killer these days and Saturday is about the only day of the week that I try to not work outside of reading email to support people who are working. Tomorrow I’ll be back at it trying to get things done. Here’s what’s on my mind this week:

I Know Someone Who Is Five Minutes From Now! Yes, the Sara Bareilles promo machine on continues. Yesterday evening, Sara was peering up from the pages of Entertainment Weekly in the “Spotlight” section of the magazine. Yay! If you haven’t checked out the music yet, visit her website at

Small World of Manhattan: Tuesday night before going to Rent, I was out to dinner with my friend and teammate Daniel, who was catching the show for his first time. We’re eating at a restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen and in walks Brandon, who I haven’t seen in a couple years. Brandon lives at pretty much the northern-most tip of Manhattan while Will and I live in the southern-most, and it’s not often we see each other because our schedules are rarely in sync. Complete surprise to run into him in midtown! And, since we met in Eureka, California, we had to have the “Oh my god, have you seen what Sara is up to!” moment.

Bridges: Interesting flashback week for me with the news of the I-35 bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis. Years ago (like 1989-91), when I used to write for Equipment World and Overdrive magazines, I would end up writing about bridges at least once a year. Annually, a report would be released that would list the worst bridges in the country with stats like the top 10 bridges in the worst repair, state-by-state breakdowns of the worst bridges. In Equipment World, I’d do the write up from the angle of what construction professionals needed to know and how it made their industry look. For Overdrive, it was details for truckers on where they might want to avoid. Anyway, I’m surprised the media treats this as if it’s a new problem, bridges have been on the verge of collapse for years because of the way they are maintained. It’s surprising to me something this major hasn’t happened before now. I’m am glad to report that our native-Minneapolis blogger friends (Josh & Josh) have accounted for all their friends and family and, so far, Brian who lives elsewhere in Minnesota hasn’t reported any of his friends as being involved in the collapse.

Potter continues…: I’m 200 pages away from the end, so I’m going to cut this week’s Saturday post a little short and go read!