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I went a little crazy last night and played three games in the course of about five hours. It was great to do, because it really helped relief the stress of the work week; but it was also three losses across the three games.

The night got going at 7, subbing in for the Pink Panthers again. This was an oddly mixed game for me personally. I was having a heck of a time breathing. The heat and humidity always do a number on my asthma in July and August, and that makes for odd atmospheric conditions in the rink too. I got it under control by the third period, but the first two were a little rough. I was in at center for the game and had some good runs with the puck, as well as some solid shots on goal (all blocked unfortunately). Pink continued its losing ways, but I enjoyed the game anyway. Hopefully I might pick up another game or two with them before the season rounds out.

The Ordinals game at 8:30 was the frustrating one of the night for me. We continued to play our uneven game (including leaving Canucks forwards in front of our net unguarded… which cost us two goals). We lost to them 7-2, which also ended our trend of lowering our score differential with the Canucks. It was down to four after our first game with them this season. I’m not sure how to get the team to even out its game, but I’m certainly going to keep working on it.

I also subbed again last night for the Wizards at 11:30. It was quite appropriate in this Outgames anniversary week to put on my Wizards jersey again. As Vince put it, last night’s game was carnage for the Wizards. It was a tough game as the team was just outgunned by the Hornets. I still had a fairly decent time. I got to play again with Jonathan, which hasn’t happened in a few months. And that was quite enjoyable. It was a chance to work on my game, and take some defensive risks too as the game’s score kept widening I let my game get less conservative.

Next week is another double header with Ordinals vs. Wizards on Friday and Ordinals vs. Moose on Saturday. Four games left in the regular season for the Ordinals and we’re struggling to maintain our hold on a playoff slot.