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Sometimes the Geek Outs are planned in advance, and sometimes they just kind of hit me out of nowhere. This is one of those out of nowhere ones. This song has lived on my iPod for a long time. It’s been a favorite since I saw the Andrew Lloyd Webber – The Royal Albert Hall Celebration in 1999 on PBS’ Great Performances. The special celebrated Lloyd Webber’s 50th birthday and many stars came out to sing for him.

There are some interesting moments in this show, such as Antonio Banderas essentially giving an audition to play The Phantom as he sings “The Phantom of the Opera.” There’s also a sample of what Lloyd Webber was thinking for the Phantom sequel with the song “The Heart is Slow to Learn.” (that song, with modifications, ended up in The Beautiful Game a couple years later.)

One of the major pushes in this show was for Whistle Down the Wind, which was his new show at the time. Lloyd Webber co-wrote the show with Jim Steinman, best known for his work with Meatloaf. Four songs from the show are performed, and Bonnie Tyler rocks out with “Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts.” Tyler, who has sung a few Steinman songs in her career (“Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “Holding Out For A Hero” among them), sings the rather bizarre lyrics to this song (“I need a push up bra / I need some satin sheets”) with gusto, backed by a motorcycle and biker dancers. It’s a great way to spend five minutes…