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Friday we put a good game up against the Wizards, beating them 9-3. Although that had the potential to go badly. The Wizards brought in Andrej for the first time this season. It was great to see him on the ice, but we also had to guard against him. We kept him shut down in the second and third periods, but we kept taking chances we shouldn’t have been in terms of playing with the puck instead of just getting the job done. Example: there were times instead of passing the puck up, we seemed to be playing a game of keep away with the Wizards, which sometimes we lost. Luckily we cut that out and just got down to the business of scoring goals.

Saturday didn’t go so well.

I played for Pink, which I had a good time with. Pink played a good game, and only lost to the Sled Dogs 3-1. It’s been fun playing for them, and working on my own skills in the slightly slower game play of D8. There were some instances that really needed work too. If I’m playing D and right behind the center during a faceoff in our defensive zone, I have issues if the puck comes back to me and then doing something smart with it. I got caught a couple of times in that scenario and I need to figure that out.

The Ordinals played a bit sloppy Saturday night. Our heads weren’t fully in the game. It was a 6-3 loss for us, and a couple of those goals we should’ve avoided. We had too many instances, I think, of people trying to carry the puck end-to-end rather than using the passing game that usually works for us. It could’ve been worse, but it also could’ve been closer. I classify it as a frustrating game.

We’ve got two games to go, against teams we are mixed against. We for sure need to win one (and two would be better), preferably next week’s Blizzard game, to be able to get through to the playoffs.