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The Ordinals faced a setback with their playoff chances last night against the Blizzard, who beat us 5-2. The team played well, I can’t really fault anything that happened last night. There were no gross errors like we’ve had in some other games in the past few weeks. It just wasn’t meant to be last night. There is still a chance we can pull out a playoff slot. Since the Sled Dogs lost last night, if they loose to the Hornets and we beat the Tsunami next week, we will get through into the eighth position.

Meanwhile, I subbed in again for the Pink Panthers last night and had a good time. The game was another loss for them, 9-0 against the Rampaging Moose. There was solid playing from the Panthers, it was just a difficult game against the strong Moose. Adrian did provide the comedy for the game. He thought I’d committed a penalty against one of the Moose since he saw me and the Moose player tangle a bit and the ref’s hand went up. Adrian sent me off to the box, even though I wasn’t supposed to be there. I even asked the score keeper why I was there, since he would’ve written the penalty down and he had no clue. Turns out the ref had his hand up for an off-sides call. Luckily Adrian forcing the team into a few seconds of short-handed play didn’t result in a goal for the Moose.

I got hurt a couple times last night too. During the Panthers game, I took a slap shot in the toe of my skate and that was a searing pain. Today my big toe has a bruise under the nail. In the Ordinals game I fell on my hip while grappling for a puck and that actually had me down for a shift while I figured out if I could skate on it. Later I took a slap shot right into my left knee cap. That was a pretty amazing pain too, even with the padding over my knee. I expect my knee to be bruised within the next couple days. I don’t think my hip will bruise, it will just hurt for another day or so.