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I became a fan of Chris Owen last year when I read Bareback, a romance between two ranch hands. A couple months ago, Will and I picked up several more of Owen’s books and I’ve just completed reading 911. It’s another romance, although this time with a twist. Firefighter Drew and Doctor Scott initially meet, become roommates and within a few months they are crazy in love. They introduce each other to their parents and deal with having a relationship while working the insane schedules that fireman and doctors do.

Then comes EMT Eric, who is looking for a place to live and it so happens Scott and Drew have a spare room. It seems perfect since all three of them understand what it means to work shifts. But, Scott and Drew end up falling for Eric who, in turn, falls for them. And a polyamorous relationship is born. Drew and Scott’s parents don’t know how to react to it. Friends and co-workers are left speechless. But the three prove the power of their love through some major obstacles, including an accident that puts one of them near-death.

Like Bareback, this was a very enjoyable and quick read. The characters were engaging and the concept of a polyamorous relationship was interesting. There’s good conflict in here too, especially with the parents trying to understand what’s going on.

Next up, I’m reading another Owen book, this time set in Australia, called Adagio.