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We knew when we arrived at the rink last night that our playoff fate was squarely in our hands. The Sled Dogs lost to the Hornets earlier in the day, so that meant the outcome of our contest against the Tsunami would dictate if we were in or out. It was a pretty dramatic game, with us winning 2-1.

The Tsunami opened with the first goal late in the first period and we had that answered in the second period. We landed our second, and ultimately the game winning goal, early in the third and then worked to maintain the lead. Both teams played well, so it was anyone’s game and we managed to carry the day and enter the playoffs in 8th place.

It’s the second season in a row we’ve battled the Sled Dogs for 8th, and the second season we’ve come out on top. In two weeks we go against either BNP (who we have beaten from time to time, including this season) or the Canucks (who we’ve never beaten). Hopefully BNP held against the Hitmen last night in the late game. I’d much rather play a team we’ve beaten occasionally than one we never have.