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We are headed into my favorite time of year—fall. Officially we’re 23 days away, but of course unofficially it starts after this weekend since Monday is Labor Day. And it’s a nice day too, sunny currently 74 and only headed to be 80. We’re headed uptown for brunch soon and hopefully we’ll find a nice place to sit outside.

ESPN Classic: I never really saw the need for ESPN Classic until a couple weeks ago. One night Will and I were flipping channels and we happened onto American Gladiators. I had a bizarre fascination with this show when it was on from 1989 to 1997. I remember watching it in the first few seasons. It was fun watching the everyday people try to get through the various challenges without getting clobbered by Gladiators, such as Turbo pictured to the left. I find that I still enjoy watching, and it’s great seeing the early 90s fashion (when spandex was actually in) and the hair. I read this week that NBC is bringing American Gladiators back for mid-season. Can’t wait to see what the update is like. The other thing on ESPN Classic we’ve discovered is the return of Kiana’s Flex Appeal in the morning. Kiana works out with other very fit people from a beach in the Bahamas. It’s also strangely appealing to watch. I remember Will used to watch this in the mornings when it used to be on ESPN2 back around ’96 and ’97, so it’s fun to watch it in the morning now that it is “classic.”

Return to Xanadu: We’re headed back to Xanadu next weekend for our anniversary (this coming Friday is our 10th wedding anniversary!). We’ll be sitting on the stage for the Sunday matinée. That should be a lot of fun.

Marriage in Iowa, Briefly: Iowa’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Iowa’s law banning same-sex marriage was unconstitutional and Friday morning Tim McQuillan and Sean Fritz were married, the first same-sex couple in Iowa to do so. It was a short-lived moment though because the judge put a stay on the ruling when a appeal was filed. And of course the right wingers immediately pointed out this was an activist judge ignoring the will of the people to ban same-sex marriage on a national level. Congratulations to McQuillan and Frtiz… hopefully they will be the first of many Iowans to be able to freely get married once the appeal is over. You can read the whole story Towleroad.