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10 Years…: Yesterday, as you know if you read yesterday’s entry, Will and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. True, we’re obviously not really married because we’re not allowed; but as far as we’re concerned we are married. Obviously, someday we hope to be married under the law. Could it happen before we hit our 20th Anniversary in 2017? We’ll see how progressive the country is during the next decade and if the hateful right wing is allowed to continue to dictate who people can make a life with.

Bust-a-move with HSM: Tonight on Disney Channel the Dance-A-Long version of High School Musical 2 premieres and this slightly insane person will be watching to see if I can figure out how to do the movies to “What Time Is It?”

You’ve Got A Friend: We were headed to lunch today over at the South Street Seaport when we happened upon a Teamsters rally in front of 7 World Trade Center (the only one of the new buildings that’s complete and open). And who was at the mic? Carole King, singing an a-capella version of her signature tune. That was a rather unexpected find.

Fall’s here & hockey starts: One of the things I love about fall is that Saturday morning hockey drops back into the early hours. This week was 6am, the next two weeks is 5am and then after that it hits nirvana… 4am! On Monday I also start another round of Bluestreak. This time out it’ll be two times a week: Monday & Wednesday. That will cause some havoc with the fall TV season (especially Dancing with the Stars), but I’m happy to get back to that training.

AG Obsession Grows: Last week I wrote about our find of American Gladiators. Well, we’ve gotten more into it. Previously we would tune in 1/2 way through after watching The Simpsons. Now we record it and watch the whole thing. Is there an AG anonymous program?

Missing Thumbs: I’m disturbed that, for the past three weeks, Ebert & Roeper has aired without the “Thumbs Up” / “Thumbs Down” designations that we’ve all come to know over the past two decades of this show (and it’s previous incarnations). Apparently there’s a contract rift going on between Disney Television, the show’s producer, and Roger Ebert, who co-owns the copyright on the Thumbs concept along with Gene Siskel’s estate. You can read about the situation… but all I can say is “Bring the thumbs back!”